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Meet practice-based learning and improvement milestone teaching and documentation requirements by using The Information Mastery Curriculum and Assessment Program.  Your CCC can generate a report of each resident’s progress. A model curriculum, tailored to each specialty’s unique PBLI requirements, can be assigned to residents to complete over the course of training. A companion teachers’ guide is packed with exercises and small and large activities for residencies with faculty time for a blended learning approach. 

  • Meets teaching and documentation requirements for ACGME education milestones for every specialty

  • Can be stand-alone or combined with onsite teaching

  • Can be tailored to each specialty’s milestones

Residents completing the  curriculum

  • Receive certification in Evidence-Informed Decision Making

Residencies using the curriculum

  • Receive designation as an Evidence-Informed Decision Making Certified Residency

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The Curriculum

This interactive, multi-media, self-directed online course leads residents through the basics of evidence-based medicine, Information Mastery, and clinical decision-making. Each module takes from 20 to 45 minutes to complete and can be completed by individuals using smartphones, tablets, or computers, or as a group. Post-module assessments document competency. Completion reports can be generated for use by the Clinical Competency Committee.
The curriculum also includes an extensive Teacher’s Guide, with extensive knowledge application exercises for use by onsite teachers and example curricula. Faculty development is available via national workshops, direct consultation, or on-site support for training faculty members to use the Teacher’s Guide to conduct knowledge application exercises.

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