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Medical and Other Professional Schools

The 20-40 minute interactive self-paced modules engage learners with short videos, exercises, and readings to teach the concepts of evidence-based medicine, medical information management, and clinical decision-making. Students who have difficulty understanding or learning from spoken English can read transcriptions of all videos. Each module is linked to a variety of in-class activities in which students can apply the information they have learned to real medical situations. The course can be administered at one time or over the curriculum as developmentally appropriate. The accompanying teacher’s guide provides in-class exercises, reflective writing prompts, assessment questions, and example curricula.

Our online curriculum:

  • Can be used to meet LCME, ACPE, ARC-PA, and other accreditation requirements for evidence-based medicine education

  • Supports flipped classroom approach to teaching

  • Accompanying teacher’s guide includes exercises for PBL, TBL (team-based learning), reflective writing and discussion board prompts, and assessment questions

  • Prepares students for clinical work and for lifelong learning

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